Case Studies

Personal Injury

Heavy traffic on freeway. Off-ramp improvements. 60 mph Speed Limit reduced to 45 mph Construction Zone. Stopped vehicles backed up 100’s of feet. Impatient pick-up driver pulls out to go around and hit by passing large truck. Large truck collides with or causes at least ten more collisions. Large truck stops over 300 feet from impact with pick-up. One person killed, one catastrophically injured, many seriously hurt. Pick-up negligently failed to yield right of way to large truck and becomes liable. Insurance covering pick-up inadequate to cover wrongful death, catastrophic injury, and serious injury claims. Pick-up’s liability notwithstanding:  Why did large truck, allegedly going only 45 mph, take over 300 feet to stop when it needed less than 150 feet?
Why did large truck going only 45 mph take over 300 feet to stop when it needed less than 150 feet?
Follow-up investigation revealed: Large truck was going over 75 mph instead of 45 mph. Large truck driver was in road rage incident with another pick-up in the minute leading up to multi-vehicle accident. Large truck rashly chased pick-up at high speeds.  Large truck collided with it when pick-up recklessly “cut” in front and “slammed” on brakes.  Pick-up and its driver “trapped” under front bumper and axles. Large truck loses steering control in collision and thereafter hits the other pick-up pulling out. Large truck driver not wearing seatbelt. Impact throws large truck driver out of seat onto floor. With no driver to brake, large truck rolls across freeway, hits concrete center median, and grinds to stop against it. Large truck catches fire with road rage pick-up and its driver still trapped under front end. Large truck and road rage pick-up are negligent and likewise become liable. Defendants settle out of court.

Civil Rights & Wrongful Termination

Sexual harassment and assault. Male real estate broker sexually harassed and assaulted female real estate sales representative. Sales rep does not report incident to brokerage partners, perpetrator’s fellow brokers, fearing termination. Harassment and assaults continue. Afflicts sales rep’s marriage. Confides in husband. Husband calls police. Sales rep reports sexual harassment and assaults. Brokerage terminates salesperson. Sales rep hires attorney and files civil rights and wrongful termination claims. Accused broker contends no sexual harassment, that sex was consensual with sales rep.
Why did the brokerage fire the alleged victim?
Follow-up investigation revealed: Broker previously divorced by wife for legion infidelity and resultant irreconcilable differences. Past female sales reps and support staff also harassed and assaulted by same broker. Some do not report incidents, fearing termination but separate from brokerage when harassment and assaults continue. Others report incidents but rebuffed, threatened with termination, and incidents never investigated by brokerage. When harassment and assaults continue by broker, they too separate from brokerage. Current brokerage employees advised by brokerage partners of investigation and directed not to cooperate. Instead, current female support staffer comes forward and states she too was sexually harassed and assaulted by same broker. Sales rep’s civil rights and wrongful termination claim settled out of court in return for withdrawing criminal charges. Subsequent civil claims filed by other victims of broker.

Criminal Defense

Bank robbery. Robber arrives on moped, wearing tinted, full-face motorcycle helmet as disguise. Robber enters bank, draws pistol, and jumps onto teller’s counter. Robber throws bag at teller and demands money. Kneeling on counter with both knees, robber aims pistol with one hand at teller, threatens to kill her if she does not hurry while frantically gesturing with other hand. Teller quickly fills bag with money and returns bag to robber who shoots and kills her. Robber jumps from counter, exits bank, flees on moped. Robber turned in by friends, arrested, and charged with Bank Robbery, Felony Murder, and Premeditated Murder. Police never recover pistol. Why did robber shoot the teller?
Why did robber shoot the teller?
Follow-up investigation revealed: Pistol stolen from robber’s neighbor. Neighbor was firearm collector, marksmen, and competition shooter. Pistol was heavy, large caliber, long barrel, high velocity, magnum revolver. For competitions, owner had normal “pull” on trigger reduced by over half, resulting in “hair trigger.” Robber never fired sidearms prior to robbery, including stolen pistol. Examination of surveillance video showed robber never “pulled” trigger of pistol. Instead, he lost balance while kneeling on counter, pistol shifted in hand, slid forward, and weight of heavy pistol sliding forward pushed trigger up against “trigger” finger. Because of reduced “pull” trigger engaged and pistol fired, even though robber never “pulled” trigger. In return for pleading guilty to Bank Robbery and Felony Murder, Prosecutor agrees not to charge robber with Burglary and Theft of pistol and drop charge of Premeditated Murder.

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