If you don’t get gum stuck on the soles of your shoes, it means you’re not out in the field getting the job done.

Scott Suzuki-Jones has been conducting Legal investigations for over 30 years. In addition to Law Offices, Mr. Suzuki-Jones works with Insurance Companies, Adjustment Companies, Expert Witnesses, fellow Private Investigators, and Individual Parties. Scott is experienced testifying in both civil and criminal cases. He has a strong a background working investigation assignments through to their final resolution, whether civil cases proceeding through their potential, pre-demand, demand, negotiation, arbitration, mediation, trial and appeal stages, or criminal cases proceeding through their arrest, bail, arraignment, preliminary hearing, grand jury, pre-trial motion, plea negotiation, trial, sentencing, and appeal stages.
Additionally, Scott Suzuki-Jones conducts Hazard Assessments for Profit-Making Groups, Non-Profit Organizations, and Government Agencies striving to identify, mitigate and/or eliminate the most grave inherent hazards inevitably present in improved landscapes and human-made structures before someone is injured.
“Attorneys call on Scott any day of the week or time of day looking for investigatory insight into a complex case and a deeper understanding of what a client, eyewitness, collateral witness, expert witness, or defendant might testify to or is able to credibly testify about.”

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Scott is available for assignments 24/7.  He conducts investigations as cases require, during the day, after hours in the evening, late at night, in the early morning hours, and on weekends.
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