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Thirty years of experience working with law firms to help resolve personal injury, civil rights, and criminal defense cases.

Case Studies

Personal Injury

Multi-vehicular accident resulting in catastrophic injuries and a wrongful death.
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Civil Rights

Sexual assault and wrongful termination at a real estate firm.
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Criminal Defense

Bank robbery gone wrong, charged with premeditated murder.
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Areas of Expertise

Accident Scenes, Crime Scenes, Damaged Vehicles, Defectively Designed, Constructed and Installed Structures and Landscapes, and Defectively Designed, Manufactured, Installed, and Repaired Products
Photographing, Video-graphing, and Measuring, Plotting, Mapping and Diagramming
Victim, Perpetrator and Witness Interviews with Reports, Written Statements, and/or Recorded Statements
Tracing, Locating and Contacting Persons of Interest
Evidence Identification, Acquisition, Analysis and Preservation
Document Searches, Acquisition and Reports
Collaborating with Expert Witnesses
Background, Criminal, Civil and Asset Profiles
Service of Process
Notary Public
“Scott is an intrepid investigator. While the risks he assumes he calculates in his favor, they are often risks less experienced or venturesome investigators will decline to undertake.”
Ian Scott Mattoch
Principal, The Law Offices of Ian Scott Mattoch

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Scott is available for assignments 24/7.  He conducts investigations as cases require, during the day, after hours in the evening, late at night, in the early morning hours, and on weekends.
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